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We are a specialized company of inorganic sulfide in Japan. Our high purity products are widely used in medicinal products, agricultural chemicals, super engineering plastic and other high quality products.

Since its establishment in 1931, we have developed many sulfur chemicals. A major example is anhydrous sodium sulfide. We have an industrial production line of anhydrous sodium sulfide, which is our unique method. This product is useful to the reactions that are adversely affected by water. In this way, we continue developing on a daily basis.

By all means, when you need high purity products, please consider using.

Certification of compliance with ISO9002 was completed for our Miyaura Plant in 2000.
Nagao made the transition to compliance with ISO 9001 in 2003. By using attestation acquisition as the big foundation, it tackles from now on so that the more stable quality product can send to you.

We have a confidence in quality and stable supply.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us.