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sodium sulfide (flakes) 60%

sodium sulfide (flakes) 60%
  • CAS No.27610-45-3
  • EINECS No.215-211-5

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Product Name Sodium Sulfide (flakes)
IUPAC name Sodium Sulfide
Other name Sodium Bisulfide
Chemical Formula Na2S·xH2O
Molecular Mass 78.05 (as Na2S)
Chemical Properties Reducible and corrosive alkaline substance. Deliquescence material. High solubility in water and soluble in alcohol. Reacts with oxygen and carbon dioxide gas in the air to form sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite and sodium carbonate. Generates hydrogen sulfide gas on contact with acid.
physical Properties Specific Gravity: 1.7
Bulk Specific Gravity: 0.8
Melting Point: 85°C
Boiling Point: 180°C
Packaging 25 kg paper bags
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Product Specifications

Test Item Specification
Total Sodium Sulfide (T.Na2S) Greater than 60.0%